Master Of Music Therapy (M.Mus.The)

IMDI One-Year Music Therapy Master Degree Program combines the art of music and scientific therapies. Subject of studies include behavioral sciences, psychology, physiology, biology, anatomy, survey of world music, music in therapy, music theory, technology in music, voice techniques and introduction to conducting.

Neurologic music therapy and various therapeutic approaches are part of the study and research. Graduate of this program will become a Music Therapist who uses Music creatively (like a personal trainer) to help client/patient health treatments. Various field of therapy include: autism, stroke, medical problems, sensory impairment, physical handicaps, substance abuse, interpersonal problems, aging, communication disorders and stress management.

General hospitals, psychiatric facilities, training centers and universities are some of Music Therapist work places. IMDI graduate from all bachelor programs can continue to this program.

  • Admission requirements can be obtained at Admission Requirement.