IMDI Performing Arts Management & Agency

  • IMDI Performing Arts Management & Agency provides a comprehensive service in Jakarta and Indonesia. We supply all the needs within the performing arts entertainment, film and television industry; from the best composers, arrangers, orchestrators, choreographers, dramaturges, to the best performing artists, along with modern studio facilities, engineers, technicians, producers and stage managers.

  • We also provide Professional Function Artists Consultants for various types of Performing Arts and we offer Music for various occasions and audiences. Whether it is a hotel function, prestige private engagement or corporate event, we have the experience to provide enjoyable performing arts entertainment by our students and faculty.

  • Since 2000, our Artists have performed in numerous events, such as:
    German Herbst Fest at J.W. Marriott, concert at Deputy Chief of Mission of The Dutch Embassy, concert at the residence of The Ambassador of Norway, Musical Excerpt at Deputy Chief of Mission of the German Embassy, Istana Negara (Presidential Palace), Prestige Magazine Event, Dove Event at Hotel Shangri-La, Radio Female Event at The Regent, Regulars at The Dharmawangsa Hotel, Regulars at The Nine Muses Club Jakarta (the best Performing Arts Restaurant in Jakarta between 2004 - 2007).
    For further information please contact IMDI :
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